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So as alot of us know, there is a getfile community in Greatest Journal and yes we do offer up our get file names from time to time in several communities. but since i do perfer getfiles, i thought we should have one here in lovely livejournal land! so here we go.

-Open Membership (for now)
-Be nice
-When offering up your getfile, let everyone know how long it will be open and if they must im you first before going through it.
-Post your playlist (if you have one) with your screen name so everyone can see what you have before searching thru your getfile. [if you dont have a playlist that is fine]
-after joining this community, fill out the intro survey :) with the subject NEW MEMBER (so i know you read the rules)
-REQUESTS ARE ALLOWED! but in this community comment with your getfile
-Posting YSI Leftovers is much appreciated!
-Have fun! and give as much as you take!

Getfile Name-
How often do you open your file?-
How fast is your connection?-
Post your playlist-
Do you prefer getfile over ysi/sendspace/etc?-
Name your favorite bands/artists (that we can expect to see in your getfile)-

and that is all! post and ENJOY!