letterlullaby (letterlullaby) wrote in getfilexo,


Hey Everyone,

Well I'm back from tour, and moved into my singer's house, so i have my computer all set up. So for anyone who needs anything, or who usually gets from my GET FILE, i'm sorry it hasn't been up in a while, but it's up now. I don't have many new things yet, but expect me to be back to my usual self in terms of getting music soon. For those who dont' knokw my get file is always open. sn FinchTSLAllister if you have problems with it just IM me

and you should all check out the band i'm in. I just recently joined when their bass player left before tour, and i was filling in, but it turns out i'm permanent now.

We're Called This Years Anthem www.myspace.com/thisyearsanthem

if you like what you hear let me know, or ask me about getting the album, It's not in my get file, but I'll send it if you ask.


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