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i got a new aim sn & have added music to my collection so i figured i'd do this again.

Name- anna
Getfile Name- issue of glamour
How often do you open your file?- almost always. & there is NO NEED to IM me before you dive in to poke around. those IMs make me feel awkward haha.
How fast is your connection?- cable
Post your playlist- here
Do you prefer getfile over ysi/sendspace/etc?- doesnt really matter to me.
Name your favorite bands/artists (that we can expect to see in your getfile)- rocky votolato, the higher, boys like girls, the format, augustana, gym class heroes, nightmare of you, rookie of the year, etc.

& i highly reccomend taking dear and the headlights from me.
i promise you'll fall in love.
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